Activation Stack

Activation Stack

The Activation Stack

This stack of green and blue toned crystal bracelets will help you carry the Earth's life force into your energy field, which will allow you to release issues that need to be healed and feel more joy in your daily life. This stack will also assist you in manifesting your desires attuned to your higher timeline, activates dormant spiritual gifts and expands your knowledge of self! 

From the bottom up:

  • Blue Quartz - helps us keep peace and activate the angelic realm for daily support
  • Kyanite + Blue Apatite - helps to unblock all your chakras for a smoother energy flow, along with the blue appetite which  stimulates your intellect and opens a channel for ideas to be downloaded, also good for lucid dreaming + astral travel
  • Green Aventurine - activates your optimism and helps you move forward into new situations with confidence
This stack can help you stay rooted in your heart when emotional issues arise, so healing can occur wherever you need it. 


* Attracting love, Christ, cleansing, hope, joy, yoga,