333 Truth Stack (New)
333 Truth Stack (New)
333 Truth Stack (New)

333 Truth Stack (New)

When you need your truth to come out and be heard, this is the stack for you. This stack will help you select a direction, commit to action and speak the words that need to be said. It offers you the energies to create order and harmony in your life, 
harmonize scattered energies by protecting you from chaotic vibrations and evening them out!

If you need assistance in carrying the truth frequency to plan the steps needed to walk your chosen path. Look no further, as this stack will help you manifest ideas, bring plans to action, enhance your mental focus and concentration as you learn what you need to become to hold this new energy. This stack can assist you in making those changes by:

The Bracelets from the bottom up:

  • Amazonite - opening and clearing your Throat Chakra, helping you to express your thoughts and feelings with courage! (+ set appropriate boundaries and empower you to manifest your dreams and desires)
  • Citrine -  powerful cleanser and absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy and turns it into energies of generosity, good fortune + personal power
  • Fluorite with Quartz - acts as a 'psychic vacuum cleaner' transmuting confusion, negativity, and energetic mischief and promotes spiritual wholeness by bringing in clear thinking. With the Guru stone of quartz, you can ask this stack to hold a specific intention for you!

This stack will bring in the truth on all levels by creating the frequency of mental order, clarity, discernment, and higher understanding; which brings a wiser, more balanced view of life.


    * Attracting love, a new beginning, cleansing, hope, joy, yoga