Crystals are like batteries and hold a charge.  Some crystals will even pick up on other energy, taking them away from their optimal vibration.

Clearing your crystals and stones is a process of returning the crystal to its natural base vibration, and helping it move back into alignment with its natural high frequency state.

Crystals come from the Earth, so it is best to clear them to keep them connected to the pure energy of where they came from. When cleared, stones and crystals will revert to taking in as much of Earth's energy as possible, the crystal then offers that stable and highly transmittable vibration to you.  

The best way to clear a stone is through sound, loud healing sound.  Sound acts like a vacuum cleaner.  But rather than sucking the energy out, it simply shakes up the unwanted energy from the physical matter of the stone and once that sound stops, the matter will return to its natural base vibration.

How to Clear with Sound

  • Use your intuition and tune into your crystals and stones to see when they need to be cleared.
  • Pick a mechanism to use: Chime Tibetan bells, play binaural beats, use a sound bowl, gongs, rattle, drums or any other source of natural sound to clear out all the other vibrations. 
  • Place your crystals on a table and begin to use sound over the crystal.
  • Tune in and sense the energy, maybe ring it again, maybe wait- this is up to you to read the energy. You cannot mess it up, trust yourself.
  • Open up to the process and pay attention to how you feel when you begin clearing.  Stay open as you are playing the sound, and trust that you will be guided to feel "something" when they are clear. 
  • Once you feel a slight and subtle shift, move over the next crystal and do the same thing. 
  • Make sure the sound is loud. 
  • Clear at least every month.
  • Get your own set of Tibetan Bells.