Crystal Vibes






Clear Your Crystals    |   Charge Your Crystals

Think of a radio station and the clarity that comes when you are on a specific station.  The exact signal is received and you can hear the broadcast clearly.  Now if you just tune the station a click up or down, you begin to get static and the broadcast looses its clarity.  Crystals operate best when they are tuned to their natural frequency. When cleared and charged, crystals offer a continuous, uninterrupted flow of energy to draw upon. This is like that clear radio station mentioned above.  When the crystal vibrates with energies that are not quite the same as its natural energy, it moves “out of tune” with the Earth or changes its station, creating static in its energy field. 

This shift can happen from exposure to energies that are stronger than the energy field of the Earth; stress, emotions, EMF's from computers or wifi, etc. Any vibrations that are not quite the same as the crystals natural vibration can knock the crystal out of tune with the earth (its natural alignment) and interrupts the powerful and clear signal of the crystal. 


Therefore, we need to clear our crystals before we charge them. It is simply like taking a shower before you get ready.

Best technique: Sound

Sound is the most effective tool to use in clearing crystals and stones. We clear all of our stones and crystals with sound, then place them in the sunshine for a lovely Florida sunshine change before they are sent to you.  

Our method does require some patience and intuition, but if you practice clearing with sound it will build your relationship with your intuitive nature and your stones.