Sized to Stack


All of our necklaces fall at different lengths that correlate to the chakras.

You can see our guide here.  

Women's Bracelets

To achieve the stackable look, bracelets of different sizes work best. 

Size Small

This bracelet is 3 inches in diameter.  (Pictured above) This bracelet will sit at the bottom of the wrist, closest to your fingers, best for small wrists.  (If you have large wrists, this will be very tight.)

    Size Medium

    This bracelet is 3.5 inches in diameter. This bracelet will sit in the middle of the wrist, light blue and lavender colored circle stone bracelets. (Pictured above.) Best size for the average fit.  

      Size Large

      This bracelet is 4 inches in diameter.  This bracelet will sit at the top of the arm, amethyst natural chunky bracelet, (pictured above). Will fit loose and move along the arm if worn separately.

      Men's Bracelets

      Size Large

      These bracelets run Large, 4 inches in diameter.  (Pictured above) These bracelets will fit loose and move along the arm.