After you have cleared your stones and crystals,
they are now ready for a charge.
Choose the approach that feels right to you. 


Be mindful about the metal chains attached, and use gentle methods to cleanse and charge. The best method is to clear your jewelry with sound and then have a piece of Selenite close by to keep it charged. 

    Use a Charging Crystal: 

    Sit your jewelry or crystal on top of a chunk of Citrine, Quartz, or Selenite on a windowsill overnight, preferably during a full moon or a windowsill that gets sun

    • Place small stone on a large flat Quartz, Citrine, or Amethyst Cluster for 24 hours

    • Keep Carnelian or Selenite close to your crystals for constant cleansing


    Fill your crystals with loving white light through meditation

    • Hold your stones and see a brilliant white liquid light coming in to cleanse and recharge the crystal to its purest and powerful state


    Place outside for a moon bath (be mindful of rain- some crystals don't like water)


    • Place stones and crystals outside in direct sunlight for an afternoon to clear and charge

    Program Your Crystals