The Chakras

The Chakras are centers of energy in the body that receive, assimilate, and express life force energy. Sometimes referred to as the rainbow bridge, chakras are evolutionary programs which can re-program our lives by understanding the flow of energy through the system.   The chakras represent vibratory states of human existence and are stacked in a column-along our inner axis-that spans from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

Our jewelry specifically falls upon four chakras:

Throat, High Heart, Heart, Solar Plexus

The chart above shows the chakras placement in the body. 

Here is a simplistic overview of some of the chakras' attributes. 

  • Crown Chakra | 7th 
    • Higher Consciousness & Spiritual Connection
  • Third Eye Chakra | 6th
    • Intuition & Seeing Beyond the Physical 
  • Throat Chakra | 5th
    • Speaking Truth & Self-Resonance
  • High Heart Chakra | Thymus (beginning to open)
    • Intent and Soul Connection
  • Heart Chakra | 4th
    • Love for Self and others & Relationships
  • Solar Plexus Chakra | 3rd
    • Self-worth & Personal Power
  • Sacral Chakra | 2nd
    • Subconscious Creation & Sexuality
  • Root Chakra | 1st 
    • Primal needs & Grounding to Earth
    While most of our pieces affect many of the chakras, having crystal energy laying upon the chakras offers you a stable pulse of energy throughout the day. 

    A word on our High Heart Chakra Awakening 

    The High Heart Chakra is located between the Throat and Heart chakras and is the activator of higher consciousness. I call it the 'higher heart chakra' or 'chakra 4.5'. It is associated with the thymus gland (essential for the immunological system of the body), which works as a reflex center for higher levels of consciousness.  

    In most adults the thymus glad becomes dormant by age 21. But with our consciousness expanding, our thymus is awakening!  

    Opening the high heart chakra supports one to embrace higher vibrations and links the emotions of the heart with the reason of language.  Working within the higher heart helps one to integrate a connection between your physical body and all that is spiritual, our connection to the soul’s world.