About Crystals


Our mission is to bring you ancient wisdom and powerful energy through the channel of crystals by providing you with positively energized wearable jewelry! All our jewelry is hand-crafted, cleared, charged by the Florida sun, and infused with divine white light! This simply makes it possible for you to have clear access to the vibrations, moods, and life you want to live!


Harmony is the natural state of the universe and crystals connect us back to those pure vibes. Each piece of our jewelry gives off specific resistant-free patterns and offers high vibrational frequencies.  Consciousness is the determining factor of whether you will accept these higher vibrations into your energetic system and feel the benefits they offer. 

But remember...Health & well-being are our natural state and naturally emerge when we are in harmony within the Self. If you need a little support on that journey- wearing crystals can give you a clear path to the vibrations you want! 

Crystal Science

Crystals are solid substances that are produced from the Earth and are made out of connected & compressed ions, molecules and atoms that have repeated molecular arrangements. It is important to understand that most matter has unorganized atomic patterns, yet this is not true in crystals.  Their structure is built in such a way that the unit cells are all the same.  Because of this distinctive quality, crystals offer a vibrational frequency that is highly stable and very transmittable.