About us

Crystals are the essence of life manifesting in the Earth, and the recognition of crystals can greatly benefit your personal growth. Harmony is the natural state of the universe and crystals connect us back to those pure vibes. 

Each piece of our jewelry gives off specific resistant-free patterns and offers high vibrational frequencies.  Consciousness is the determining factor of whether you will accept these higher vibrations into your energetic system and feel the benefits they offer.

But remember...Health & well-being are our natural state and naturally emerge when we are in harmony within the Self. 

If you need a little support on that journey- wearing crystals can give you a clear path to the vibrations you want...

vitality, love & joy. 

A Crystal Clear Mission 

Our Mission is to bring the ancient wisdom of crystals into your modern life by providing you with wearable energy that connects you back to a harmonic inner state. Our jewelry is hand-crafted, cleared, charged by the Florida sun, and light-infused by Awaken's Founder, Sophie Frabotta - Spiritual Teacher & Life Coach. 

It's Science

Crystals are solid substances that are produced from the Earth and are made out of connected & compressed ions, molecules and atoms that have repeated molecular arrangements. It is important to understand that most matter has unorganized atomic patterns, yet this is not true in crystals.  Their structure is built in such a way that the unit cells are all the same.  Because of this distinctive quality, crystals offer a vibrational frequency that is highly stable and very transmittable. 

The Founders 

Sophie Frabotta


It's my joy to bring you jewelry that you can wear in your day-to-day life, which makes you feel good!  Crystal vibrations helped me access the joyful state that I was seeking, and now we can share them with you.  After we make each piece, we clear it, charge it and infuse it with white healing light in meditation - ready to begin a harmonious relationship with you!   

Sophie is the founder of Awaken Palm Beach, a lifestyle brand that helps people transform through Life Coaching, Meditation, and Crystal education. She has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, is a Certified Life Coach, Author, and Spiritual Entrepreneur who infuses consciousness into every project she works with. She and Rich launched Awaken Crystal Gallery in November 2016- an online modern crystal jewelry shop that shares a wealth of information on how crystals can be a companion for one's healing and awakening journey. She designs and makes all the pieces herself, then cleanses and charges them with sound and sun LIGHT, moon LIGHT, fresh rain water and LIGHT infused meditations before sending them out. Sophie speaks "crystal" and is passionate about translating the messages and vibrations that they offer us!  


Rich Frabotta Crystal Jewelry

Rich Frabotta


As Sophie was creating jewelry and beginning to use it with her Life Coaching clients, I saw an amazing opportunity. Coming from the corporate world, I saw this potential to take her healing vision & technique digital and create a platform for her to reach more people with her healing jewelry.  So we partnered up, and began this creation together.