Sophie's Closet

Our Repurposing Initiative

All my adult life I’ve made dozens of trips to the goodwill. It was a routine in attempt to not throw things away in the trash and a standard of living in a historic home.  Did you know that when random items are mixed together in a landfill it can take up to 10K years for the earth to digest something as simple as a water bottle because it’s mixed with so many random items. So that banana peel that can be digested in soil alone in 1 week now turns into a black mush and it take up to 10K years for it to break down.

This breaks my heart and is also the driving force behind my recycling efforts. With that being said, it’s a passion of mine to repurpose, reuse and recycle the items I have, and make trash a last resort. Sophie’s closet is a way for me to share some things I have loved with you to repurpose into your life! 

Thank you for participating in this repurposing mission. By you buying this item, and giving it a second chance you contribute to the great cause of recycling.