After you have cleared + charged your stones and crystals,
they are now ready to be programmed for your exact needs!



Programming a crystal means that you are using your intention to dedicate a specific meaning to your stone. When you program a crystal, you’re aligning the energy of the stone with your own specific intent, thereby helping to direct the energy of the stone so that it can help you in a more directed and powerful way.


How to Program:

  • Decide exactly what purpose you want to use the stone for. Be specific.
  • Set your intention in the form of a statement.
  • Hold the crystal in your hands, close your eyes and using your mind’s eye, envision your purpose for which you wish to use the stone.
  • Imagine your intention as a bright white light that emerges from your heart.
  • See this light move out of your heart, through your arms and into your crystal.
  • Pour your intention into the stone
  • As you hold it, allow your body, mind, soul and heart to attune to the stone at the same time.
  • When you feel totally in tune with your crystal (just trust your instinct), say out loud or in your mind, “I program this crystal for (your specific purpose).” That’s it!
  • Place the crystal where you feel called, where you will see it often, or keep it in our pocket.
  • If it’s bracelet, put it on and wear it for 30 days.
  • If it’s a piece of jewelry, put it on and wear it as often as possible for 30 days.


You can program the same crystal at a later time for a different purpose, but be sure to cleanse it first.