111 Stack
111 Stack

111 Stack

The Code of Awakening

When you begin seeing this angel number it is a spiritual wake-up call signaling a shift in your consciousness. 111 is known as the Awakening Code and a sign that your spiritual power is beginning to kick in - in ways you cannot imagine. 

111 Appears right when you are being asked to tune into your current thought. When you see 111, stop and ask yourself what did I just think? The angels want you to see that your repeating thoughts are manifesting quickly, and your awareness of this needs to expand. 

This energetic gateway is opening FOR you and this stack can help: 

The Bracelets from the bottom up:

  • Clear/ White Quartz - for mental clarity, dispelling negativity, and awakening your spirituality
  • Moonstone Chip - assists with new beginnings, helps you calm overreactions, sort through emotions, and create mindful responses
  • New Jade - help open and heal your heart healing, offering strong and steady energy, the feeling of well-being and balance almost immediately upon touching it, great to sleep and dream recall
  • Rose Quartz - for unconditional love, infinite peace, and the true essence of love
  • Pink Magnesite/ Opalite - connects your brain to your Heart + brings a deep sense of hope and inner peace

    This stack offers access to new cosmic vibrations!


    * Attracting love, a new beginning, cleansing, hope, joy, yoga