Rainbow Stack

Rainbow Stack

The Rainbow Stack 

This stack of 6 pastel bracelets will help you carry a peaceful and loving vibration into your day!   From the bottom up:

  • Rose Quartz - helps you give and receive love in balance
  • Citrine - helps you transmute negative energy and invite in abundance
  • Amazonite Round Bead - helps you speak your truth
  • Amazonite Natural Stone - clears your Throat Chakra and ignites your integrity
  • Blue Quartz - stone of the peacemaker and cleanses your aura and helps you remove energy blockages 
  • Amethyst - offers a powerful peace into your energy field and radiates divine love
This stack has a great calming influence and brings you feelings of balance to help you stand strong in your life and take necessary action with love. 


* Attracting love, Christ, cleansing, hope, joy, yoga,