Empath Stack

Empath Stack

This stack of 4 Empath balancing Crystal bracelets will activate feelings of emotional balance to help you stand strong and take action based on your higher guidance and spiritual understanding.

Wearing this stack can connect your energy to the Earth and bring your highest purpose into your daily life. From Bottom up...

  • Amethyst - radiates divine love, has a calming influence, and offers protective vibrations that help you activate an inner space of balance.
  • Fluorite - acts as a 'psychic vacuum cleaner' transmuting confusion, negativity, and energetic mischief and promotes spiritual wholeness by bringing in clear thinking
  • Hematite- calms and stabilizes the way energy runs through your body. Once you are grounded, it is possible to then bring your dreams and aspirations into reality. 
  • Smoky Quartz with Copper + Selenite- offers wonderful protection from negative energy in your environment as it transmutes, absorbs, and grounds negativity into the Earth. The Selenite Guru bead hugged between 2 copper beads brings high-vibe, energetic power and positivity!

This stack can help your energetic system carry higher vibrations in your body, activates healing, and lifts your inner awareness to higher planes of consciousness.

Note: selenite is extremely delicate, and this guru stone in the smokey quartz bracelet will not last forever. At some point it will break off your bracelet and at that point, the bracelet's mission is complete.

Fit: small, is fitted and tight and meant to not move around much when wearing.

*grounding, happiness, hope, yoga, alignment