Leo Stack
Leo Stack

Leo Stack


The Leo Stack

This stack will promote spiritual wholeness and development by bringing in clear thinking to your daily activities. It can also help you gain access to the unseen realms, and strengthen your energetic boundaries, which prevents others from 'tapping in' to your personal energy. 

From the bottom up:

  • Moss Agate - promotes balance and stability in your physical world, help to ground your energy, offers persistence, endurance, and bring your goals to fruition
  • Mookaite - can amplify your instincts when making decisions and encourages you to be flexible and envision many different positive possibilities in a situation
  • Labradorite Chip - helps light workers access their highest potential!  Labradorite creates a vibrant light filled force around your presence and helps purify your energy into light
  • Sepentine/ Astrology Leo charm - aids you in activating your Kundalini energy, or Serpent Power, known to sit at the base of your spine.

    This stack is can help you hold your inner vision very clear until it manifests. As you embark on this awakening journey, it is imperative to meditate everyday, connecting your root chakra to Mother Earth, and commit to the affirmation below for 30-90 days:

    "I see as my highest self now helping me embody my God self and my truest desires."


    * Attracting love, Christ, cleansing, hope, joy, yoga