777 Stack (New)

777 Stack (New)

The Code of Evolution

777 is an Angel number that is on the rise in the collective. It comes to you when massive expansion is on the horizon. Seeing this number means that it is time to prioritize your spiritual evolution. Start by researching and learning more about the spiritual concepts that interest you.

Your spirituality is strong and is a guiding light for you. Others are noticing you and are inspired by how you embrace your spiritual gifts and talents.

You are leading by example and this crystal companion stack can help open you up to even more angelic miracles!

The Bracelets from the bottom up:

  • Morganite - for mental clarity, dispelling negativity, and awakening your spirituality
  • Rose Quartz - for unconditional love, infinite peace, and the true essence of love
  • Amazonite -   opens and clears your Throat Chakra and helps you express your thoughts and feelings with courage
  • Citrine powerful cleanser and absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy and turns it into energies of generosity, good fortune + personal power
  • Angelite / Blue Lace Agate - opens your angelic communication and acts as a strong assistant to connect you to the energy of your guardian angels, guides, and friends in spirit, while the Guru stone of Blue Lace Agate calms your energy and opens the path to clear communication in a way that resonates with others

    This stack lends a lightness of being and inner peace when it is worn!

    (FIT - this stack fits medium sized wrists in a snug way)


    * Attracting miracle, angel numbers, abundance, truth, relationship healing