Alignment Stack
Alignment Stack

Alignment Stack

The Alignment Stack

This stack of 5 Earth toned Crystal bracelets will assist you to take effective actions in your life, while remaining grounded, calm, and centered.  Wearing this stack can energize your body, help one preserve over time, and lend strength to overcome fatigue & discouragement. From the bottom up:

  • Tiger Eye Natural Stone - activates and aligns the first three chakras so that you can pull from the full spectrum of primal strength to overcome fatigue and discouragement
  • Red Jasper Natural Stone  balances your ideas around sexual expression and releases the energies of shame and guilt
  • Mookaite Round Bead ideal for accepting change and taking action without fear
  • Unakite Round Bead - leads you to become more loving and compassionate towards yourself and towards others.
  • Smoky Quartz with New Jade- offers wonderful protection from negative energy in one’s environment as it transmutes, absorbs, and grounds negativity into the Earth to be recycled by Mother Earth. While the Jade softens the heart and allows all this energy to flow in!
This stack is can lead your energetic system to work in harmony with the divine. 


* grounding, happiness, hope, yoga, alignment