New Family Stack
New Family Stack

New Family Stack

Hematite is a great stone to use to stabilize the body for Mom, Dad, and Baby during birth and the first couple weeks of life. This stack includes three Hematite and Lava Rock bracelets and a sample of Serenity Essential oil that can help connect your little one to the Earth plane while helping Mom and Dad feel more stable during this transition.  

These Hematite bracelets help you:

  • keep your energy moving throughout your whole body
  • remain grounded to the Earth
  • see the silver lining within challenging situations
  • positively move through changes
  • boost your self-confidence
  • balance your meridians & polarities within
  • strengthen the liver
  • detox the body

Each bracelet comes with one Lava Rock which is known to bring strength and stability to the wearer. Add a drop or two of Serenity Doterra essential oil right on top of your lava rock & enjoy the calming scent throughout the day!

* Yoga, birthing, baby, newborn, family, hypnobirthing, labor.