Your mala has been handmade by Sophie with the intention for these living crystals to support you on your journey.  Please lay it flat when you are not wearing it, as this will preserve the strength of the cord that holds it all together.

  • Quartz Mala is the stone of clarity. While Aventurine is the stone of optimism.  This Mala can be used to facilitate healing on all levels.  It cleanses, protects, and strengthens the aura; and helps you free the self from old attachments and patterns.  This necklace help you open to the flow of life and brings courage, strength, inner peace, hope and self-love.  It also gives shielding for the aura, and is said to bring angels for guidance and protection. It can help seal auric tears to prevent leakage of your own energy. Meditating with this Mala can help you find the parts of yourself that need to be embraced, healed and accepted. It is excellent for enhancing your intentions by balancing, focusing and transmitting them into your aura and energy field. It is a powerful cleaning agent for the emotional body and dispels negativity. If you want to enhance your spirituality, wisdom, inspiration, and creativity this is the Mala for you!
  • Rose Quartz Mala / Magnesite: Rose Quartz is the stone of love. Magnesite is the stone of Brain/ Heart Connection. Amazonite opens and clears the throat chakra to assist you to open the expression of your own thoughts and feelings. It can assist in helping you to set appropriate boundaries and empower you in manifesting your dreams and desires. Magnesite is of the most powerful stones for activating the third-eye and crown chakra. It is a wonderful emotional healer because of its magnesium content and aids the emotional and physical body to relax, release, and dissolve blockages that need to control, manipulate or overpower others.

  • Amazonite Mala is the stone of Truth. While Citrine is the stone of clearing negativity. It opens and clears the throat chakra to assist those who tend to repress the expression of their own thoughts and feelings due to fear of conflict. It is also said to be a stone of honor, communication, integrity, hope, and trust. Amazonite can also assist in helping you to set appropriate boundaries and empower you in manifesting their dreams and desires. Amazonite, the truth-teller and peacemaker, also magnifies our intentions and helps us speak them aloud. It is also known to enhance intuition, psychic ability, creativity, and the intellect.

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