A Mala is a string of 109 beads. The very last bead hanging from the bottom is called the Guru bead and represents the student-guru relationship. Meditating with your Mala can help you perceive the parts of yourself that need to be embraced, healed and accepted into the whole. It is excellent for enhancing your energy by balancing, focusing and transmitting it.

Choose the stones you would like to have and enjoy the benefits!  Mala's can help to:  

  • facilitate more balance into your life
  • increase, magnify and clarify your personal power
  • open your chakras
  • raise your self-esteem
  • activate positive energies 

Possible Mala combinations: Quartz Beads & Aquamarine Guru bead, Rose Quartz Beads & Amethyst Guru bead, Unakite Bead & Citrine Guru Bead.  You think it, we can create it!  

* Imagination, optimism, meditation, clarity, eclipse, yoga jewelry