Black Obsidian + Snowflake Guru Bracelet

Black Obsidian gently eliminates negative energies in your life and environment by creating a protective shield around your body and energy field that helps you remain centered when facing negativity.

The main guru bead, Snowflake Obsidian is the stone of a fresh start. It is a seeker stone, which helps one be successful in starting a new effort, discover new opportunities and achieve new goals. 

Black Obsidian is a strong grounding stone which:

  • activates the root chakra to help you see the root cause of how you may be causing negative life situations
  • helps you clear these negative patterns from your energy field and cellular memory

Together, this bracelet acts like a 'psychic vacuum cleaner' cleansing your energy field of disharmony, negative attachments, resentment, and anger. Providing balance during times of change and help bring in the energy of serenity and purity. 


Size: Approximately 4 inches (large) 

* Protection, mercury retrograde.