Balanced Couple Stack
Balanced Couple Stack
Balanced Couple Stack

Balanced Couple Stack

The Balanced Couple Bracelets

Hematite is a great stone to use to stabilize the body! This set includes two Hematite / Lava Rock bracelets to help you both connect to the Earth plane and feel more balanced in your life. 

These Hematite bracelets help you:

  • keep your energy moving throughout your whole body
  • remain grounded to the Earth
  • see the silver lining within challenging situations
  • positively move through challenges
  • boost your self-confidence
  • balance your meridians & polarities within
  • strengthen the liver
  • detox the body

Each bracelet comes with one Lava Rock which is known to bring strength and stability to the wearer. Add a drop or two of essential oil right on top of your Lava Rock & enjoy the calming scent throughout the day!

* Yoga, balance, calm, relationship, couple.