Smokey + Rose Quartz Blend
Smokey + Rose Quartz Blend

Smokey + Rose Quartz Blend

This Smoky Quartz / Pyrite / Rose Quartz Bracelet transmutes past negativity left from past relationships and creates space for new love to come in. 

The blend of stones in this bracelet cleanses and clears your entire energy field, much like the smoke from a bundle of sage. It offers wonderful protection from negative energy and transmutes, absorbs, and grounds past negativity into the Earth to be recycled by Mother Gaia. 

The Pyrite beads hold the energy of power and infuse the Rose Quartz beads with healing.  As your heart softens and opens, you begin to carry a more loving vibration and can call in new relationships. It heals and carries the loving consciousness of Christ and other heart-centered spiritual masters.

This bracelet is great for:

  • allowing more love into your life
  • increasing, magnifying and clarifying your power
  • clearing your energy
  • connecting with love

This Smoky Quartz bracelet is great to wear when you need past energies to be clarified and cleared out of your life, so new energy may come in.  

Size: Approximately 3.5 inches (medium)