Unakite + Pyrite Bracelet
Unakite + Pyrite Bracelet

Unakite + Pyrite Bracelet

Unakite leads you to become more loving and compassionate in your relationship with yourself and others. Its green and pink energies can help bring balance to your Heart and ignite the Thymus Chakra (high Heart Chakra.)

In relationships, this bracelet can offer understanding of other people while remaining stable within yourself. The Guru stone is Pyrite, which increases your personal power in the Third Chakra and helps you to integrate high-frequency energy into your physical body.  This energetic process increases mental clarity and focus.

Whatever relationship it is you would like to work on, wear this bracelet for 30 days with your specific intention and watch how Unakite provides a slow, steady source of energy for healing and renewal, leading you toward harmony within. 

This bracelet helps to:

  • release deep-seated energies in a slow and gentle way
  • activate your powerhouse
  • amplify what is going on within, so that one can see their "truth" and begin to heal it
  • promote patience and persistence
  • gradually eliminate bad habits (and the thoughts and patterns that perpetuate them)

You can program your bracelet with a positive intention and wear them for 30 days. After the month is over, look back and observe what revealed itself!

Size: approximately 4 inches in diameter (large)

* Healing, pregnancy, pregnant, fertility, father, confused, depressed, anxious, anxiety