The Optimist

Aventurine & Pyrite Bracelet

This bracelet helps you move forward into new situations with confidence, so new growth can take place. It brings optimism + a joyful zest for life. Its frequency stimulates renewal and growth on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels and can act as an emotional anchor, keeping you rooted in the heart when emotional issues arise. Green Aventurine supports the heart, circulating the flow of life-giving energy throughout your body. The Pyrite Guru Bead then offers you a spark of power that lights up your Third Chakra and helps you turn energy into action. Together this bracelet has a gentle grounding affect on the vibrational field, encouraging your energy to move out of your head and into the heart. 


Size: Approximately 4 inches (large) 

* Yoga, men, balance, grounding, health.