This Amethyst Stalactite necklace is a unique and one of a kind piece that sits right at your Solar Plexus Chakra; building a cocoon of light around your Aura- radiating divine love!  Then cascades upwards with beads of labradorite giving you light to emanate through your entire energetic field. 

Amethyst Stalactite crystal slices are formed at the roof of a cave from columns of Amethyst (from Brazil) and took millions of years to develop. They are polished on both sides, inspire inner growth, and expand the awareness of the higher self.

Amethyst has a great calming influence, which brings emotional stability and inner strength to help you stand strong and take action based on higher guidance. It is very protective and is well known as a sobriety stone, used to gradually heal addictions and compulsive behaviors.

Wearing this Amethyst necklace assists you to:

  • increase your spiritual connection
  • open to the Divine in meditation
  • develop and tap into your intuition
  • protect you during spiritual and healing work

Please note: each stone is natural and unique. Yours may vary slightly from what is pictured.  Please trust that what arrives is the piece that was intended just for you.  

* Yoga, peace, clarity, hope,