The Continuous Appetite

Have you ever found yourself eating and eating and eating and, even though you know that you won't be happy with this choice later, you're unable to stop?  Once the eating has ended, it's as if a wave of self-hatred hits you in the face and begins to drown you.  This wave has a crashing that sounds like--"I'm a failure, I can't accomplish the goals I set, I'm not good enough, I can't ever say no, I can't, can't, can't..."  This is the wave of self-disgust that comes after continuous eating.  But, rather than continuing to let this wave hit you in the face, let's learn how to surf. 

The ocean represents your life.  The waves are the constant changes that life offers.  The surfer is you, and the surfboard is the sum of tools you will collect through this book.  The first step is to remember that food is not the problem. Instead, food is the foam from a wave--simply a distraction.  The next step is to begin to see how all the waves of life affect you, and then learn to deal with them differently.  The final step is using the tools in this book to get up on your board and surf the waves of life.