Aquamarine + Opalite Bracelet

Aquamarine + Opalite Bracelet

Aquamarine is calming and cooling, and empowers you to realize that not all power comes from force, but reminds you to align with the resilient vitality of life itself. This bracelet comes the main guru stone of Opalite, which helps you to open up spiritually and brings in a deep sense of hope + inner peace. 

This bracelet powerfully helps to:

  • clean out your old emotional patterns
  • heal communication issues
  • free the self from old attachments 
  • opens you up to be able to "go with the flow"

Aquamarine brings courage, strength, inner peace, hope and self-love. It gives shielding for the aura and is said to bring angels for guidance and protection.

Notice what you feel drawn to, and go with it. 

Size: Approximately 3.5 inches in diameter (medium) 

* Stress relief, relax, chill, calm, release.