Well Being and Copper Bracelet
Well Being and Copper Bracelet

Well Being and Copper Bracelet

Negativity Buster

This Smoky Quartz and Jade Bracelet transmutes negativity and most sense the feeling of well-being and balance almost immediately upon touching it.

Together, this bracelet cleanses and clears your entire energy field, much like the smoke from a bundle of sage. It offers wonderful protection from negative energy as it transmutes, absorbs, and grounds this negativity into the Earth to be recycled by Mother Gaia. Jade is also a great stone to use during the day when you are not able to be outside, as it helps you connect with Earth's life force.

This bracelet is great for:

  • allowing more joy into your life
  • increasing, magnifying and clarifying your personal and energetic power
  • sending life force energy into your aura
  • stabilizing your energy
  • connecting with the flow of divine energy
  • feeling lightness and harmony in your spirit
  • helping you to connect with true abundance 

    This Smoky Quartz bracelet is great to wear when you need negative energies to be clarified and cleared out of your life. 

    Size: Approximately 3.5 inches (medium) 

    * Stress relief, calm, imagination, higher guidance, joy, positivity, optimism, life purpose, relaxation, stability, vitality, wealth, wisdom, zest for life