Smokey Quartz + Citrine Necklace
Smokey Quartz + Citrine Necklace

Smokey Quartz + Citrine Necklace

This Smoky Quartz and Citrine Necklace transmutes negativity into light!  It sits right on your solar plexus inviting prosperity into your energetic field. The blend of stones in this necklace can cleanse and clear your entire energy field, much like the smoke from a bundle of sage. It offers wonderful protection from negative energy as it transmutes, absorbs, and grounds this negativity into the Earth to be recycled by Mother Gaia.

Wearing Smoky Quartz and Citrine together can help you to:

  • increase, magnify and clarify your personal and energetic power
  • raise self-esteem and feelings of cheerfulness
  • cleanse and align the auric field
This Smoky Quartz necklace is great to use when you need negative energies to be clarified and cleared out of your field. 


    Please note: each stone is natural and unique. Yours may vary slightly from what is pictured.  Please trust that what arrives is the piece that was intended just for you. 

    * Cleansing, yoga, clearing, release, healing, eclipse.