Saging is the art of cleansing stuck energy. Quantum physics has proved that everything in the universe and beyond is made up of energy, constantly flowing, changing and affecting us.

 Interesting Details behind the smoke:

  • Sage clears 94% of the bacteria in the air + stays clean for 24 hours

  • The smoke from some herbs actually changes the molecular structure of air and energy, producing a cleansing effect.

  • The smoke offers rapid delivery to the brain, increases the oxygen supply to the brain, producing a relaxation of muscle tension.

  • The burning of smudge has been found to be a very effective aromatherapy agent, especially when combating feelings of depression, anger, fear, frustration, resentment, and grief.

  • When sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people into a positive mood. The Latin word for sage -salvia stems form the word heal.

  • Energetically, everything that happens to us leaves a print.

  • Smudging calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies

  • bringing you back into a state of balance, peace and harmony. It is the psychic equivalent of washing your hands before eating. 

Directions on how to hold a Sage Ceremony for yourself are included with your sage.  

White Sage - helps you clear negative energies from a person, place or situation

Cedar Bundle - Banishes Fear and enhances courage in difficult times