Unakite Pregnancy Support Bracelets
Unakite Pregnancy Support Bracelets

Unakite Pregnancy Support Bracelets

This set comes with two Unakite bracelets; one for you and your partner to wear during pregnancy, after labor, or anytime you need support and healing. Unakite's pink and green energies balance the heart and ignite the Thymus Chakra or Higher Heart Chakra. Unakite is known as "the stone of growing together" helping sooth the transitions during pregnancy and labor.  

Unakite is a great stone for pregnancy as it can: 

  • balance energies in the reproductive system
  • help call in the spirit of one’s unborn baby
  • promote a healthy pregnancy
  • stimulate balance in the body
  • help to ease the transition in labor

If you have been feeling emotionally confused, depressed, or anxious about pregnancy, this bracelet set may help to relieve the accumulating stressful energy and gently begin to uplift your mood.

Pregnancy is the ultimate flow of energy moving to you and through you. These bracelets will increase your gentleness toward all beings, open you to understanding your energy better, and help you remain stable within yourself.