Aventurine + Citrine Guru Bracelet

Aventurine + Citrine Guru Bracelet

This Green Aventurine + Citrine bracelet activates your optimism, zest for Life, personal power,  and creates a web of light that moves through past wounds and blockages.

Aventurine is the stone of optimism. It inspires new growth and help you to move forward into new situations with confidence. It is said to be the luckiest of green stones, when it comes to new opportunities, and in the realm of wealth. 

Citrine is the stone of manifestation and abundance. It is a joyful stone with bright energy, which lights up many aspect of life. It's a powerful cleanser and transmutes negative energy. 

This Positivity bracelet helps you move forward into new situations with confidence, so new growth can take place. Its frequency stimulates renewal on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

It acts as:

  • an emotional anchor: keeping you rooted in your heart when emotional issues arise.
  • a gentle grounder:  affecting your vibrational field to move energy out of the head and into your heart.
  • a heart healer: circulating a flow of life-giving and helping you find a calm center within your heart. 

Size: Approximately 3.5 inches (medium) 

* Good Luck, growth, abundance