Obsidian Stack
Obsidian Stack

Obsidian Stack

Removing Negativity like a boss...

This stack will gently eliminate negative energies in your life by creating a protective shield around your body and energy field that can help you remain centered when facing negativity.

This stack includes:

  • 2 Black Obsidian Bracelets - one to help you activate the Root Chakra to help you see the root cause of how you may be causing negative life situations. The second one to help you clear these negative patterns from your energy field and cellular memory
  • Hematite Oil Diffuser - to help ground and connect you to the Earth plane after you have released energy, so new energy can come in. It comes with one Lava Rock which brings the energy of strength and stability. Add a drop or two of your favorite (diluted) essential oil right on top of your Lava Rock & enjoy the scent throughout the day!
  • Snowflake Obsidian - helps you be successful in starting a new effort, discover new opportunities and achieve new goals. This bracelet offers serenity and purity and can shield against the overwhelming feeling of negativity.
This stack acts like an 'energetic vacuum cleaner' cleansing your energy field of disharmony, negative attachments, resentment, and anger.


Size: All Approximately 4 inches (large) 

* Protection, mercury retrograde,