Magnesite Bracelet

This Magnesite bracelet is the stone of Brain/ Heart Connection. One of the most powerful stones for activating the third-eye and crown chakra.  It can help one with self-reflection and clarifies inner seeing.  It is a wonderful emotional healer because of its magnesium content and aids the emotional and physical body to relax, release, and dissolve blockages that need to control, manipulate or overpower others.

Wearing this stone helps to awaken the mind to communication with the heart.  It doesn’t activate the heart chakra but rather stimulates the part of the brain/ mind that can hear and respond to the hearts voice.

The main guru bead is Quartz, which is the stone of clarity and can be used to call in healing on all levels. It works with the magnesite to cleanses, protects, strengthens the aura, and seals auric tears to prevent leakage of your own energy.  If you use this bracelet in meditation, ask the heart “what to do” and allow the tiny feelings to reveal themselves to you.


    Size: Approximately 3.5 inches (medium)