Lepidolite + Agate Druzy Bracelet
Lepidolite + Agate Druzy Bracelet

Lepidolite + Agate Druzy Bracelet

Lepidolite is the stone of calming frayed nerves, helping you to release stress and worry. This stone is the most useful when you are going through a challenging time.

The main guru pendant on this bracelet is an Agate Druzy that is known as fairy dust, bringing lightness and harmony to your spirit. 
It can:

  • bring calm to upset emotional states
  • activates the heart chakra to release an expansive loving energy through the auric field.
  • end the pattern of "what if" thoughts, and replaces them with more zen-like thoughts of acceptance in the present moment. 
  • help you release past emotional trauma and engage in a new identity separate from your past story.
Together this bracelet ultimately helps you find a strong emotional center while bringing ease + grace to your spirit.