Heart Truth Bracelet

Heart Truth Bracelet

This bracelet is a combination of Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla, and a center stone of Hematite.  It helps you carry the vibration of the inner “king or queen” that lies within each of us. This bracelet offers a gentle grounding vibe that encourages you to channel the loving knowledge of your heart to others. 

Chrysocolla is the stone of expressing heart truth. It brings a calm serenity to all situations, and helps you see how you put your energy out into the world. It teaches the value of both sound and silence and can dispel angry words so your truth can be shared.

The combination of this bracelet can awaken your:

  • deep inner divine nature
  • the third eye, intuition and access spiritual guidance
  • protection from others draining you
  • truth and ability to speak it
  • higher awareness

Fits Snug: so that it doesn't move around on arm.  Approximately 3 inches (small) 

*Clarity, higher guidance,