Agate Druzy Necklace

Agate Druzy Necklace


This Agate Druzy and Amazonite necklace sits right at your third chakra.  The main stone, Agate Druzy, sends light and harmony into your Heart Center and the Amazonite beads open and clear the Throat Chakra to magnify your intentions and help you speak them aloud. 

Agate Druzy is considered to give strength and balance the Yin/Yang energy, while the (sparkly) aspect of the stone is known as fairy dust, bringing light and harmony to your energy field. Because it is a grounding stone, it does not increase energy at all times, but rather enables bursts of energy as needed. 

Agate offers:

  • protection
  • courage, self-confidence, and dispels fear
  • stress release 
  • acceptance of emotions

Agate can cleanse and stabilize the aura by removing and transforming negative energy and removing blockages from any Chakra.

Please note: each stone is natural and unique. Yours may vary slightly from what is pictured.  Please trust that what arrives is the piece that was intended just for you.  

* Stress relief, positivity, optimism, grounding, protection, life purpose, relaxation, stability, vitality, wealth, wisdom, zest for life