The Stabilizer
The Stabilizer

The Stabilizer

This Hematite bracelet comes with one larger Hematite Bead, known as the Guru Bead and helps anchor energy. As our lives are constantly changing, Hematite grounds and connects you back to the Earth for a more soothing experience. 

Hematite can help you remain grounded to the Earth, calm your body, positively move through daily challenges, and feel more secure.  Physically, it can strengthen the liver and detoxes the body. It also is said to help us see the silver lining within situations, balance the meridians, and boost self-confidence.

Wearing this Hematite bracelet can help you:

  • carry higher vibrations
  • positively move through adversity
  • boost your feelings of self-confidence
  • balance your energy
  • strengthen the liver
  • detox the body

Size: Approximately 4 inches (large) 

* Yoga, men, balance, grounding, health.