Jade + Howlite Bracelet

Jade + Howlite Bracelet

This Jade and Howlite bracelet is strong and steady, and offers the feeling of well-being and balance almost immediately upon touching it. Howlite is a stone of awareness.  It prepares you to receive wisdom from the Divine and your Higher Self. 

This bracelet can calm upset states of mind by decreasing criticism, selfishness, stress, anger and anxiety.  The Jade will then assist you to enjoy your physical life, as it stimulates the flow of energy through your body, while the Howlite will help bring peace into the space where negative energy once laid. Connect with true abundance by wearing this bracelet.

This is also a good bracelet to wear during sleep as it offers the nourishing vibration of harmony and is beneficial for getting in tune with your dreams. Green Jade draws upon the Earth’s life force, and sends that energy into your aura.  It is a great stone to use when your are not able to be outside, as it helps carry the Earth’s life force into your energy field to allow more joy into your life. 

Size: Approximately 3.5 inches (medium)