Crystal Wedding Favors

Crystal Wedding Favors

Positive Vibe Wedding Favors

Do you want to offer your guests a twist on a wedding favor? Try out crystal unity stone bags.  

[Pictured] Two types of bags for Male & Female guests:

Amethyst & Rose Quartz (for female guests)

These stones will bring you peace of mind and love into your heart. Amethyst (purple stone) has a great calming influence, which brings emotional stability, inner strength, and direction to take action based on higher guidance.  Rose Quartz (pink stone) teaches how the true essence of love is unconditional and helps one give and receive love in balance.  Carry these stones with you to bring in love and restore trust and harmony in your relationships.


(for male guests) 

These stones will help calm and stabilize the body, and bring your dreams into reality. These Hematite stones have a magnetic force that can help you connect with your highest purpose while remaining grounded in your body. They help you carry a high vibration and positively move through adversity. Hematite can strengthen the liver, detox the body, and help you see the silver lining within situations.  Carry these stones in your pocket for 30 days and then reflect to see what may have changed.

Next, add your custom monogram to the print out in each bag. 

*customizable, pick your own stones, 

($5/ bag)