Labradorite + Copper Bracelet
Labradorite + Copper Bracelet
Labradorite + Copper Bracelet

Labradorite + Copper Bracelet

This bracelet is a combination of Labradorite stones and Copper Beads.  It helps you gain access to the unseen realms and creates a force-field around you to strengthen your energy within.  While the copper gives energy when needed, the Labradorite helps you to stand strong and take action with this new energy.  

This bracelet helps you connect with higher guidance, spiritual understanding and prevents others from 'tapping in' to your personal energy. It is very protective and can bring strength and stability to you as you wear it. 

The combination of this bracelet offers:

  • protection from others draining you
  • connection with the inner self and your higher guides
  • total energetic alignment so you can work in harmony with the divine esoteric wisdom
  • opens up your psychic hearing ability

This bracelet ultimately helps light-workers access their highest potential, provides insight into one's destiny and purifies one's energy into light.

Fits Snug: so that it doesn't move around on arm.  Approximately 3.5 inches (medium) 

*Clarity, higher guidance,