Chakra Kit
Chakra Kit
Chakra Kit

Chakra Kit

The Chakra Kit
The Chakras are centers of energy in the body that receive, assimilate, and express life force energy. Sometimes referred to as the rainbow bridge, Chakras are evolutionary programs which can re-program our lives by understanding the flow of energy through the system.   The chakras represent vibratory states of human existence and are stacked in a column-along our inner axis-that spans from the base of the spine to the top of the head.
This Chakra kit includes: 7 Chakra stones, a set of Tibetan bells, 1 Smoky Quartz decorative crystal, and our 'Awaken Aroma Healing' Chakra Clearing spray.    
  • 1ST Red Jasper: stabilizes your energy, enhances physical vitality, increases your energy.

  • 2ND Orange Carnelian: offers courage, confidence, and energy to take action. 

  • 3RD Golden Quartz: promotes self-healing and expansion of consciousness. 

  • 4TH Green Aventurine: encourages optimism and ignites a zest for life. 

  • 5TH Clear Quartz: clears, cleanses, and brings healing to all the chakras. 

  • 6TH Blue Aventurine: opens up psychic ability, offers self-discipline and increases inner strength. 

  • 7TH Amethyst: strengthens your divine connection, helps you release patterns of over-indulgence, and enhances your intuitive ability. 

  • Smoky Quartz Decorative Stone: cleanses and clears your entire energy field, much like the smoke from a bundle of sage.  It facilitates the grounding of spiritual information into your physical life and offers wonderful protection from negative energy in your environment as it transmutes, absorbs, and grounds negativity to be recycled by Mother Earth. 
  • Chakra Love: is a blend of citrus, tree oils, roots, rosemary and other medicinal certified organic essential oils that help you raise your vibration. This blend will help you get grounded in your body, create new perspectives, enhance your focus, accept yourself and others, and open creative channels. Use this spray in the morning to cleanse your Chakras, and then in the evening to clear your Chakras from the energy you may have picked up throughout the day. 

  • Sound Clearing:  a great way to clear your energy is through sound, loud and pure healing sound.  Sound acts like a vacuum cleaner, breaking up energy so it can dissipate.  Place the bells in front of each chakra and ring them and allow the sound to pulsate and reverberate until it fades.  This shakes up the unwanted energy from your physical body and once that sound stops, the matter will return to its natural base vibration.
Directions: Please work with this kit for 30 days or more and observe how the energy begins to change in your life.  This kit will bring in a cleansing and bright energy, which will light up many aspects of your life. It's a powerful cleanser and helps to transmute outside energies that you may be picking up throughout the day. 
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