Black Obsidian + Labradorite Guru Bracelet

Black Obsidian gently eliminates negative energies in your life and environment by creating a protective shield around your body and energy field that helps you remain centered when facing negativity.

The main guru Labradorite helps lightworkers access their highest potential! Labradorite creates a vibrant light filled force around your presence and helps purify your energy into light.

This bracelet:

  • has a strong grounding energy
  • activates the root chakra to help you see the root cause of how you may be causing negative life situations
  • helps you clear these negative patterns from your energy field and cellular memory
  • connects you with your inner self and higher guides

This bracelet acts like a 'psychic vacuum cleaner' cleansing your energy field of disharmony, negative attachments, resentment, and anger. And opens up space to connect you with the higher realms. 


* Protection, mercury retrograde.