111 Stack

111 Stack

Opalite + Kyanite Guru Bead: The Kyanite guru pendent carries a high vibration that creates a rapid transfer of positive energy and helps you align and balance all of your chakras, and remove any blockages. The Opalite beads bring a deep sense of hope and inner peace. It promotes a calm centered mind, inspires love in a stagnant heart chakra, brings renewal, helps you to surrender to the Divine and release your resistance. Mentally, Opalite is said to enhance memory and decrease confusion. 

Blue Quartz: is the stone of peacekeeping. It works with the Throat and Third Eye Chakra and helps cleanse your aura and clear away tough energy blockages. Blue quartz can also help you find more organization and self-discipline by balancing the Throat Chakra and enhancing communication between the lower and upper chakras.

Black Tourmaline Chunky Cuff: Black Tourmaline is the stone of purification. This bracelet assists in letting go of fear, negativity, and chaotic energy. It offers strong protective energies during a challenging period of chaos and turmoil. It can help usher in the energies to make you feel more safe, supported, and secure.

Black Obsidian Natural Stone: Black Obsidian is the stone of removing negativity. This stone helps you activate your base chakra and helps you see the root cause of how you may be causing negative situations. It also helps you clear these negative patterns from your cellular memory and energy field. It acts like a ‘psychic vacuum cleaner,’ cleansing your energy field of disharmony, negative attachments, resentment, and anger.