Manifestation Kit
Manifestation Kit
Manifestation Kit

Manifestation Kit

The Manifestation Kit
Citrine is the stone of Manifestation and Abundance.  This kit is beneficial to those who want to clear unwanted energies of lack from your body, mind, spirit, and environment, and open the inner doors to abundantly manifesting what you truly desire to create. Citrine’s bright energy transmutes negative energy by breaking it up and dissipating it, like heat turning water into steam.  
This abundant kit includes items to increase prosperity for your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Environment. 



  • Citrine Cluster Necklace - This necklace sits at the heart chakra, radiating abundance, wealth, prosperity, and success.  Can be worn over or under your clothing.
  • Citrine Oil Diffuser Bracelet - A bracelet to wear daily that can help increase, magnify and clarify your personal power.
  • Tiny Bottle of Wild Orange Essential Oil - "The Oil of Abundance" can be used aromatically to enhance your feelings of prosperity. To be dropped onto the oil bead of your bracelet. 


  • True Desire Worksheet- To identify your true desires so you are ready to ask your stones to hold these intentions.
  • Clear Quartz Bracelet - To raise your self-esteem and feelings of cheerfulness. Quartz is very programmable and will hold your intentions.
  • White Quartz Bracelet- To bring energies of generosity so that manifested prosperity is shared. 


  • Citrine Tumbled Stone- To open your Solar Plexus (3rd) chakra to the flow of abundance. Place in your water bottle throughout the day and ingest the abundant energy it gives off. 


  • Citrine Cluster Stone - To activate your energies of good fortune. Place by your workspace and ask it to hold the energies of your true desires. 


Please wear and work with each of these stones for 30 days or more and observe how the energy begins to change in your life.  

This kit will bring in joyful and bright energy, which will light up many aspects of your life. It's a powerful cleanser and absorbs, transmutes and dissipates negative energy, making space for new light energy to circulate. 

* eclipse, prosperity, manifest.