Harvest Kit
Harvest Kit
Harvest Kit

Harvest Kit

The Harvest Kit
The word harvest comes from the old word haust meaning “to gather or pluck.”
This kit helps you harvest and gather the energy you want in your life and includes: a Citrine & Rudraksha Seed Mala, 3 Bracelets - Mookaite, Tiger Eye, and Carnelian, 1 pair of Tiger Eye Earrings, a Citrine Cluster, and an essential oil spray 'Harvest' from our Aroma Healing Line.
If you want to clear unwanted energies of lack from your body, mind, and life, and open the inner doors to abundantly gathering the energies you truly desire this is the kit for you!
Citrine’s bright energy transmutes negative energy by breaking it up and dissipating it, like heat turning water into steam. Here is the energy in this kit:



  • Citrine Mala - with Quartz, Rudraksha seed, and a Citrine Cluster Pendant, this necklace sits right on top of the solar plexus chakra, radiating abundance, healing, balance, and harmony straight into your power center. A Mala is a string of 109 beads. The citrine cluster hanging from the bottom is called the Guru bead and represents the student-guru relationship. Citrine is a joyful stone with bright energy, which will light up many aspects of your life. It's a powerful cleanser and absorbs, transmutes, and grounds negative energy.
  • Mookaite Bracelet - helps amplify your instincts when making decisions, and encourages flexibility by inspiring you to see the many possibilities in a situation.  It can also assist you in choosing the best path, accept change and take action without fear.
  • Tiger Eye Bracelet & Earrings - activate and align the first three chakras so that you can pull energy from the Earth to lend strength to overcome fatigue & discouragement. Wearing this chunky Tiger Eye Bracelet can energize your body with enlightened intention.
  • Carnelian Bracelet - activates the first, second, and third chakras, bringing an influx of life force energy, and confidence into your life. Wearing this Carnelian Bracelet can awaken the vital energies of the first three chakras, increasing your enthusiasm for life and open up vital life force energy in the body.
  • Citrine Cluster Stone - To activate your energies of good fortune. Place by your workspace and ask it to hold the energies of your true desires. 
  • Harvest Spray - smells like fall and offers a protective shield around your energy field and wards off energetic parasites and negative influences. Made with certified organic essential oils, this spray cleanses out negative energies and helps you step into your true life purpose and embrace more fulfilling work.  Just as its name suggests, this spray helps you harvest your connection with truth and let go of control and allow others to be free. Shake well before each use, and spray around the room or directly on your palms for a light and refreshing feeling of fall and the bounties of life itself!

Meditating with this Mala can help you perceive the parts of yourself that need to be embraced, healed and accepted into the whole. Please wear and work with each of these stones and spray for 30 days or more and observe how the energy begins to change in your life.  

If you are ready to turn energy into action, and harvest all your efforts, this kit is for you!  

* yoga, prosperity, manifest, release negativity