The Power Stack
The Power Stack

The Power Stack

The Power Stack

This stack of 3 earth toned bracelets will increase, magnify and clarify your personal power. From the top down:

  • Moonstone & Tan Agate Druzy Guru Stone - the Moonstone helps bring in a new beginning, while the Agate helps to stabilize your energy, offering you strength and harmony as you move into new energy. 
  • Unakite / Pyrite – this blend helps bring a harmonious power into your relationships, radiate confidence, mental clarity and focus.
  • Aventurine / Pyrite / Aragonite – this blend brings optimism, power and creates a web of light that moves through past wounds and blockages.

    This stack can help raise your self-esteem and offer powerful grounding vibes for you to bring thought into creation. 

    * happy, creation, visualizing, power, new energy, joy, yoga