Chalcedony + Aquamarine Necklace
Chalcedony + Aquamarine Necklace
Chalcedony + Aquamarine Necklace

Chalcedony + Aquamarine Necklace

This necklace will help you let go of what you no longer need! The Chalcedony and Aquamarine blend will send serene vibes into your energy field. Chalcedony (bottom stone) touches your energy like a cool mountain lake as it nurtures, promotes healthy community, and offers energies of loving kindness and goodwill to all.

The Aquamarine stone on top helps you release energy that no longer serves you by clearing out energy from your emotional body, freeing you from old attachments.  It shields the aura, and is said to invite in Angels for guidance and protection. 

The Blend of Chalcedony & Aquamarine helps you to:

  • center in the present moment
  • access your courage
  • connect to the subconscious
  • go with the flow
  • access your inner self love
This is a great necklace for communication because it empowers you to realize that not all power comes from force, but helps you align with resilience and vitality of life itself.  


Please note: each stone is natural and unique. Yours may vary slightly from what is pictured.  Please trust that what arrives is the piece that was intended just for you.